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What is Bollywood

  • Popular Hindi language cinema
  • Films produced in Mumbai, India
  • Distinctive style/ approach to filmmaking 
  • Traditional aspects of Indian culture intwined with modern
  • Attempt to appeal to mass market
  • pun on 'Hollywood'
  • Westen influences
  • Style rather than place 
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Common 'Bollywood' conventions

  • Song and dance routines- big buget/ high production-

-Used to either move the story along, to express feeling/bhava

-No aspect of time, sequence or distance. 

  • Heavy use of melodrama
  • Narrative gravititates around family relationships and issues
  • Mixed/Hybrid genre- intermingled scenes of action, comedy and romance
  • Use of Stars - people who are highly attractive and admired 

-Moraly and socially correct

  •  Running themes of duty, responsibility and family
  • Middle to upperclass- no poverty- escapism
  • Fantasy intertwined with reality - magic realism 
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Dil Chahta Hai - General Information

  • Released 2001
  • Follows 3 young men and their contrasting personalities
  • Director: Farnhan Akhtar
  • Coming of age drama
  • Translates to 'The heart desires'
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Dil Chahta Hai - Song and Dance

Main song: Dil Chahta Hai - title song

Purpose: to move to story along/ to travel to new location/ to show close relationship between the 3 protagonists. 


Panning/dolly shot of car traveling/ the road - to show journey/ movement

Sublime cinematography/mis en scene - panning shots of sunlight through trees - to show hope and future

Close up shots of characters laughing - to show closeness

Sound: steady pace/ beat - everything is as it seems - steady progression and journey

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Dil Chahta Hai - Song and Dance

Woh Ladki Hai Kahan- Cinema scene Sameer & Pooja 

Purpose: To entertain/ To reflect timeless love/ to celebrate Bollywood througout time


Elaborate location and setting - Aireal shots of valleys and mountainus landscape

Big colourful costumes- Pinks and oranges

Repitive movement/motif in music through each period of Bollywood eg. 20s 60s 80s 

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Dil Chahta Hai- Characters

Sid- Artist, falls in love with Tara despite her being older than him

Sameer- Hopeless romantic, falls in and out of love easily eventually falls for Pooja

Akash- Doesn't believe in love, the joker, finally falls for Shalini despite having a fiance

Tala- Older woman who Sid falls for, drinking problem, has a daughter she's not allowed to see

Pooja- Planned for an arranged marriage with Sameer but doesn't want it, ends up falling for him afterwards

Shalini- dislikes akash after he joke proposes to her in club- meets him again in Sydney, ends up falling for him despite being engaged. 

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Dil Chahta Hai- Melodrama


People breaking rules of indian culture

-Sid being rude to his mother/ persuing an older woman

-Sameer and Pooja originally going against arranged marrige

-Akash not believing in fate/love and persuing a woman who is engaged


-Emotive dance routines

-Akash and Shalini both loving eachother but not knowing


-Celebrating dance routines - Club scene - 'We are the future'


-Death of Tara

-Akash and Sid's fight

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Dil Chahta Hai- Family relationships and issues

Breaking rules of indian family culture:

Sid argues with and goes against his mother- about Tara - (should have great respect for parents)

Sameer and Pooja go against their parents wish of arranged marrige

Shalini feels she should marry Rohit because his parents took her in when she was vulnerable despite loving Akash - resolves when the parents what her to be happy 

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Dil Chahta Hai - Mixed/hybrid genre


-close up shots of funny reaction faces when 3 protagonist are joking together

-Sound effects after pranks - when Akash jokes about teacher

-Slapstick- Akash is comically punched - See Akash's reaction and then comedy punch sound


-panning/dolly shot as Tara is rushed into hospital

-long shot as Shalini is left alone in train station


-Akash and Shalini dance routine - sublime setting and close ups of embrace

-close up shots of characters looking lovingly at eachother

-Surreal/fantasy special effects to show Sid's love for Tara/ painting

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Dil Chahta Hai - Stars

Aamir Kahn- (Akash)

-one of the most popular and influencial Hindi film stars.

- he highlights sensitive social issues prevailing in India

 -Play roles that young people in india admir and mimic

-Socially/culturely admired

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Dil Chahta Hai -Themes of duty, responsibility and

- Sid's duty to respect his mother

-Sameer's duty to find a wife/ arranged marrige

-Akash's duty to run his fathers company in Australia

-Protagonists often ask their parents for advice

-Shalini's adoptive parents wanting her to be happy/ tell her that she doesn't have to marry their son

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Dil Chahta Hai - Middle to upper class, no poverty

-Beautiful/ sublime setting

eg. beach holiday, lavish houses and australia - money making industry

-western and modern clothing - lack of traditional indian clothing 

-No characters worry about money at any point throughout the film

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Dil Chahta Hai - Fantasy intertwined with reality

-Sid's imaginary artistic world created in song 'Kaisi Hai Yeh Rut' whilst painting Tara

eg. blurred filter with high contrast and exposure - surreal effect

-painted setting - Sid in bubble and dolphins

-edited with reality- Sid Painting in real life - the progression of the painting

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Dil to Pagal Hai - General information

  • Released 1997
  • Director: Yash Chopra 
  • Translates to 'The heart is crazy'
  • Coming of age romance
  • Follows a love triangle of Poojah, Rahul and Nisha whilst Rahul produces a musical staring Pooja
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Dil to Pagal Hai- Song and dance

  • Big and elaborate/ big dance routines - set in a musical
  • countless costume changes
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