Critical Quotes for Vertigo

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Critical Quotes for Vertigo

  1. “[Vertigo] is more akin to the butterfly garden in which we all wave our own nets. Everyone’s catch will be different, and different each time.” - Saamadder

  2. “American cinema’s supreme treatment of romantic obsession” - Rubin

  3. “Mixture of logically incredible and personally believable” - Wollen

  4. “Everything in cinema is a visual statement and the images are its language” - Hitchcock edited by Gottlieb

  5. “Part of [Hitchcock’s] greatness is the fact that he was all of his characters in a film, and he was also the camera” - Taylor, screenwriter

  6. “Undermining spectator’s stability and evoking conflicting responses to the action” - Rubin

  7. “Using the camera as an audience surrogate, you could say that [Hitchcock] wanted the audience to actually be a character in the film”


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