Fight Club Critical Debates

A series of quotes from critics about Fight Club.

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Chandler and Tallon

  • One's genuine identity can be discovered through status and the accumulation of material possessions.
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Edward Norton (protagonist)

  • An end of the century protest.
  • A serious film made by deeply unserious people.
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Alexander Walker

  • Not only anti-capitalism but anti-society ... anti-God ... an admissible assault on personal decency. 
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Ken Mcleod

  • It'll probably make kids want to go out there and try to copy it.
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Peter Koegh

  • Style over content.
  • Dank grotesquery signifying nothing.
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  • There's something more than a little ludicrous about sitting in a theatre while Brad Pitt preaches to you about the emptiness of materialism.
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Art Linson (producer)

  • Flopping around like acid-crazed carp wondering how such a thing could even have happened.
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  • They think it's ridiculous because it's meant to be ridiculous.
  • The credits roll and more astute viewers experience the shock of recognition that Fight Club turned out to be ... an uplifting movie.
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David Fincher (Director)

Women maybe get the humour faster.

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Heather Fireman

  • The two protagonists represent two opposing depictions of masculine identity
  • He doesn't even have access to half his identity.
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The shackles of modern life imprison and emasculate men.

Macho ****.

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