Film Studies A2 Film Response

Emotional response from films aimed at A2 Film Studies.

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Film Emotional Response

-Emotions generated from films







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Films Focused

-American history X

-Kick ***

-Star Trek

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Plot Summary

These are the films that can be chosen as examples of emotional film repines due to different reasons

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American History X

A former neo-nazi has a change of heart in prison after his conviction against attempted murder.He befriends a black guy and becomes released on early leave due to the organization brainwashing his brother and there terrorizm getting out of hand.He must fight against time to get his brother out of the same path and  the same fate that landed him into prison. 

-Emotions from this film  -Shock:  due to the racism, the graphic scenes, explicit language  -Motivation: for neo-nazi's -Anger- Due to the death of the brother at the end of the film  Other Audiences  The black community: may be highly offended by the use of language towards there race and the hatred slurs. Neo-nazi's may be very fond of the scenes and the songs in the film aimed against black people and the freedom of the white race, and the superiority.

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