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Blackpool Introduction

Location: North-west England

It became a major tourist centre in the 19th century, especially for the inhabitants of northern industrial towns such as Manchester. Factory workers could increasingly afford a holiday, and travelled by train to the coast. Blackpool was most popular between 1900-1950.
However, as people's disposable income became larger, they preferred to go to other places with a package holiday. 
Fewer people visited Blackpool. The weather in unreliable, which is a disadvantage. 

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Plans to ensure the continuing success of the tour

Blackpool lost many of its holiday business and relied on day trippers and the stag and hen party business - which is unpopular with residents and gives Blackpool a bad image

The Supercasino

Blackpool applied to the government to be the home of the UK's first supercasino, which would be based on those in Las Vegas in the USA. Even though Blackpool was the favourite applicant, Blackpool lost the development to Manchester. 

  • 20,000 jobs and a £2 billion investment would have been generated, improving the towns unemployment rate
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Plans to ensure the continuing success of the tour

Blackpool has attracted some private investments

  • Hotels have been upgraded
  • Outdoor pools converted to indoor leisure centres
  • Increased parking
  • Some small and failing hotels have been converted into self-catering holiday flats


  • Blackpool Tower - based on the Eiffel Tower. This gives good views up and down the coast
    -This includes the Tower Ballroom which holds national dancing competitions, circuses and concerts/gigs.
  • Blackpool Zoo and Sealife Centre
  • The Blackpool Illuminations
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park
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