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Tourism Assessment ­ Higher Paper
These aren't all the questions in the assessment because one question needed an insert to answer it.
All these answers are full marks. Enjoy!

1a) List 2 benefits of tourism to a country: (2marks)
Tourism provides jobs for the local people.
Tourism causes new businesses…

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Effects on people: The tourist industry brings jobs for local people. The problem with these jobs is
that the jobs are seasonal and the local people are often left in unemployment out of these seasons.

Also people from outside of the country with a better education or more skills usually…

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Conflict occurs when some visitors want to enjoy the peace and quiet and the scenery whilst others
want to be busy with activities such as mountain biking, car rallying and speed boating. To solve this,
similar activities can be grouped together and placed in different areas form each other.


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coral reefs by taking bits off to keep as souvenirs and boats drop their anchors on them, if this
continues there will no longer be any coral left as coral does not regenerate and it also disrupts the
food chain.

Other effects: Building accommodation on farmland and such destroys the…


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