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Tourism Assessment ­ Higher Paper
These aren't all the questions in the assessment because one question needed an insert to answer it.
All these answers are full marks. Enjoy!
1a) List 2 benefits of tourism to a country: (2marks)
Tourism provides jobs for the local people.
Tourism causes new businesses to start up which helps the economy.
Other benefits: It brings money from other countries into the country.
1b) Describe the factors that affect tourism in the UK. (4marks)
In 2007, tourists were not attracted to go to the London as the summer was wet. Factors such as bad
weather and high prices discourage people to go there. Another factor that affects tourism badly is
terrorism. On the 7th of July 2005 the London bombings occurred and many people were afraid to
visit London for a while. Factors that affect tourism positively are the attractions. In London the main
attractions are museums, the culture, theatres, the entertainment, and the shopping.
Other factors: Major events can attract huge numbers of people. E.g. Liverpool was European Capital
of Culture in 2008 and as a result 3.5 million people visited that hadn't been before. The 2012
Olympics are also expected to massively boost tourism.
1c) To what extent does has Blackpool's development as a tourist resort
followed the Butler Model? (6marks)
Blackpool follows the pattern of the Butler Model. Blackpool is a seaside in Lancashire, its natural
sandy beaches is what attracted small numbers of visitors, this was Exploration, Stage 1 of the Butler
Model. Stage 2, Involvement, was when the railway was linked to Manchester and other densely
populated areas in Lancashire. This stage is when the locals see the opportunities of tourism of
tourism. Stage 3 which is Development happened in 1900-1950's, the Blackpool Tower and the
Seafront Promenade were put in place and investments were made into Blackpool. Consolidation,
Stage 4 is when the visitor numbers are steady but no other investments are made. Stage 5,
Stagnation is where Businesses begin to fail. In Blackpool, at this point, 1000 hotels stopped trading
and 300 holiday flat premises were closed down. After Stagnation, Blackpool had a Slow Decline,
Stage 6, where the numbers of visitors steadily fall. In Blackpool, unreliable weather and guaranteed
sun and warmth in Mediterranean countries were what helped cause the Slow Decline.
Other reasons for a slow decline: Families were frightened off by binge-drinking culture of `stag
nights' and `hen parties'. There was also beach erosion during the winter storms and beach and sea
water pollution also discourage visitors.
2a) Describe the disadvantages the tourist industry can bring to the people
and the environment of an area. (4marks)

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Effects on people: The tourist industry brings jobs for local people. The problem with these jobs is
that the jobs are seasonal and the local people are often left in unemployment out of these seasons.
Also people from outside of the country with a better education or more skills usually take the best
paid jobs
Other effects: Tourists can also cause noise pollution and this may be disturbing to the locals.
Effects on environment: Tourists leave a lot of litter which can destroy the landscape.…read more

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Conflict occurs when some visitors want to enjoy the peace and quiet and the scenery whilst others
want to be busy with activities such as mountain biking, car rallying and speed boating. To solve this,
similar activities can be grouped together and placed in different areas form each other.
3a) Give one reason why tourists are going to extreme environments like the
Arctic and Antarctica.…read more

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Other effects: Building accommodation on farmland and such destroys the habitats of animals etc.
They also leave litter which can cause problems for the wildlife if eaten etc.…read more


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