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Blackpool, England, UK

Blackpool is situated on the coast of the Irish Sea in Lancashire. Its
population is 142,900 making it
the fourth most densely
populated district in England
and Wales outside Greater

In 1720 the only visitors were
the landed gentry (group of
gentlemen who owned large…

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Blackpool from Manchester and two days from Yorkshire.
Henry Banks built the first holiday cottages in the 1820's. Dr John
Cocker, Henry's son in law built the first assembly rooms where the
tourists could meet and enjoy events. 1840 was when the first railway
in the area was built but…

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of houses on the promenade the towns' railway was rebuilt to handle
the increasing number of tourists arriving.
1923 was when the first Blackpool carnival took place. The pleasure
beach was modernized in 1930. In 1931 Blackpool Received
3,850,000 visitors! And in 1939 new opera house opened which was

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26,700 new jobs to be created
2.2bn of capital to be invested
400,00 square meters of retail ,casino, leisure, conference,
office and airport development
5,700f new homes to be built.
7m additional visitors per year
127 hectares of Brownfield sites will be redevelopment
New art centre on the south shore.…


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