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third in the homeostasi revision series fro biology b4.

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Homeostasis 3

blood temp is monitored by a centre in your brain called the hypothalmus.

Vasodilation-in hot conditions blood vessels in the skin dilate allowing more blood to flow through the skin capilaries this means that more heat is lost from the surface of the skin by radiation this is called vasodilation.vasoconstiction- in cold conditions blood vessels in the skin constrict reducing the amount of blood that flows through the skins capilaries this means that less heat is lost from the surface of skin by radiation tis is called vasoconstriction.

Heat stroke is an uncontrolled increase in your body temp. increasing sweating due to very hot temps can lead to DEHYDRATION.dehydration stops sweating from occuring which leads to core body temp increasing even can result in death. CAUSES= excersising in very hot conditions,very high humidity and dehydration.SYMPTONS= Confusion,red/dry skin,low blood pressure,convulsions,fainting,rapid heartbeat.TREATMENT=removing clothes,bathing in cool water,using a fan,use of ice packs and elevating legs.

Hypothermia-occurs when your body is exposed to low temps for can also lead to death.hypothermia happens when core body temp falls bellow 35 degrees celsius SYMPTOMS=grey colour skin,amnesia,shivering,slurred speech,confusion,loss of co-ordination and cold skin TREATMENT=Raising core body temp,insulating body especially armpits had and groin. you shouldnt rub or massage skin.

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