Biology exam questions. 


what is the function of

the ureter? 

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takes waste out in the urine. 

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What is the function of the veins in the kidney?

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Cleans blood and takes it out from the kidney. 

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What is the function of the artery in the kidney? 

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Takes waste and fluid out of the kidney (urine) 

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What is Glomeruli?

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Tiny filters in the kidney.

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Name the leaf structure 

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Upper Epidermis Cells

Palisade Mesophyll Cells

Spongy Mesophyll Cells

Sub - stomatal Air Space

Lower Epidermis Cells

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What is transpiration? 

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Transpiration is when the water that is taken up through the roots and evaporates from the leafs surface.

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List four short and long term effects of exercise....

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Long term - weight loss, more red blood cells, heart increases in size and arteries are bigger.

Short term - heart rate increases, breathing rate increases, artiries dialate and glycogen reserves in your muscles.

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Name some features of a vein...

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- no pulse

- large

- deoxygenated blood

- valves to prevent backflow of blood

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In what was is the small intestine adapted for abosibtion?

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the smallintestine is long.

millions of projections on it's inner surface called villi

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What is osmosis?

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Osmosis is the movement of water molecules that move from a high concertration to a low concerntration through a partial permamble membrane

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Draw a diagram of a yeast cell...

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What is the equation for respiration? (aerobic)

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Glucose + Oxygen > Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy

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