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Second homeostasis revision card

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Homeostasis 2

Artificial Homeostasis-artificial homeostasis is needed when the body's control systems don't work properly e.g. an incubator helps a premature to survive by controlling it's temprature and oxygen levels

Negative feedback-works to maintain a steady state when the conditions change the response is to reverse the direction of change (see revision guide for diagram)

antagonistic effectors-in many systems there are effectors that act antagonistically i.e opposites to one another for example one effector is responsible for increasing temp and one for decreasing temp.

body temprature-the temp of your bodies extremities tend to be cooler than your core body temprature.if your body temp is too high heat needs to be lost.This is done by sweating.If yout body temp is too low your body will shiver releasing heat raisingy your core body temp  

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