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Diet and exercise, weight problems and fast food.

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Diet and Exercise

Key Points:

1) A healthy diet is made up from the 'right' balance of the different foods that you need.

2) You are malnourished if you do not have a balanced diet.

3) If you take in more energy than you need, you may become fat, and this may result in health problems.

>Food provides the energy that your body needs to carry out its activities. If you exercise you will need more energy. Exercise increases the metabloic rate.

If you are warm, you need less energy than when it is cold. The amount of energy you need depends on may things. For example; Your size, your sex, amount of exercise you do, outside temperature and pregnancy.

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Weight Problems

Key Points:

1) If you eat more food than you need, you will put on weight.

2) If you are very fat, you are said to be 'obese'.

>Obese people are more likely to suffer from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

If you take in less energy (food) than you need, you will lose weight. In developing countries some people have health problems linked to little food. These include reduced resistance to infection and irregular periods in woman.

Key words: obese, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease.

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