Biology B1 (Topic 1 and 2)


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Living things are grouped together. There are different characteristics unique to the group E.G: Feathers are unique to birds.

Animals with backbones are called Vertebrates.

The five kingdoms are:

Animalia: Animals are multicelluar. The cells have no chorophyll and are not surrounded by a cell wall. They feed from food obtained from the enviroment and digested within the body. (Heterotrophically).

Plantae: These are also multicelluar. It does have chorophyll and a cell wall. They obtain food from photosynthesis. (Autotrpohically).

Fungi: Usually Multicelluar. No Chorophyll but does have a cell wall (not made of cellulose). Feed on dead organic matter (Saprophytically)

Protoctista: Unicelluar (except seaweed). Distinct nuculeus. 

Prokaryote: Body is unicelluar. No distinct nuculeus. 

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Classification (2)

A phylum is a group of living things with shared characteristics. Chordates form the phylum chordata and the vertebrates are a sub-group of the larger grouping.

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