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Biochemical Tests

Biochemical tests.

Protein: Bur et test.

Add sodium hydroxide solution to the test sample. Then shake. Add a few drops of dilute copper sulphate solution.

If postive result, the solution will turn purple.

Reducing sugar (carbohydrates) test: Benedicts test. Heat test sample with benedict's reagent. If postive, orangey red precipitate is formed.

Non reducing sugars: check that there is no reducing sugar present by heating with benedict's reagent. Hydrolyse by heat with dilute hydrochloric acid. This will convert the non reducing sugar into reducing sugars. Neutralise by adding sodium hydrogencarbonate. Test the sample by heating with benedict's reagent. If postive test, orangey red precipate is formed.

Starch test: iodine test. Add iodine solution to sample. If positive, it will turn bluey black.

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