Bio unit 1

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Unit 1 bio

  • Nerve = a bunch of neurones,
  • Synapse = gap between the end of one neurone and the effector or the start of another neurone
  • Axon = the end of a neurone

Internal conditions controlled by body: 
Water content --- leaves in sweat, or via kidneys, or in breath
Ion content --- leaves in sweat or via kidneys (as urine)
Body temperature  --- Enzymes work best at certain temp which must be mantained Blood sugar --- Provide cells with constant supply of energy.
Pituitary glands - Produce FSH & LH
Ovaries   - Produce oestrogen and progesterone

FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) --> egg mature + oestrogen released. 
Oestrogen   --> thickens uterus lining + inhibits FSH
LH (luteinizing hormone)   --> egg released + stimulates progesterone 


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