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Biology Unit B1.5 Energy in biomass
Radiation from the Sun is the initial source of energy for most communities of living organisms
The transfer from light energy to chemical energy occurs during photosynthesis

The equation for photosynthesis is:
Green plants and algae are the initial producers of food, after that…

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Decay processes

Living things remove materials from the environment for growth and other processes

Plants need carbon as carbon dioxide from air, hydrogen as water, oxygen from air/water and nitrogen from
air/soil or as nitrates from the soil, plus other minerals via water through the roots. From these elements and…

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When green plants and algae respire, some of this carbon becomes carbon dioxide and is released into the
When green plants and algae are eaten by animals which are eaten by other animals, some of the carbon
becomes part of the fats and proteins that make up their bodies,…


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