Beliefs about Deity and end of life

GCSE Religious Studies

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Christian Beliefs about Deity

  • Deity- another word for God, supernatural being.
  • Christians are monotheists- believe in only one God.
  • Christians believe God created the universe - beyond time and space.
  • They believe he is enteral (never ending),  omnipotent (all powerful) omniscient (all-knowing) and he is perfect(all good). 
  • God the Father: meaning God created all. His relationship with the world is like a loving father.
  • God the Son:God came to earth to show how people live. God came as Jesus and sacrificed himself on the cross to enable humans to forgive their sins. This is called Atonement.
  • God the Holy Spirit: God lives among the world to help inspire and guide peoples lives as he wants.  (
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Why do Christians believe in God?

  • They believe the Universe is so complex that it couldn't of happened itself.This means someone created it.
  • The Universe has a purpose. They believe there was a designer who gave the Universe a purpose.
  • They believe the conscience was give to humanity by God.
  • Some Christians believe due to personal experience. This maybe through a prayer or a conversion 
  • Some Christians believe as they have been brought up to be Christian.
  • Some also believe the stories in the Bible are true and therefore historical accounts of Gods interactions with humans,
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God in the world today

  • They believe he is still active and performing miracles.
  • In the New Testament there are a number of stories about Jesus performing miracles.
  • Miracles: natural,casting out demons,healing the sick, raising from dead and his resurrections.
  • They also believe god is omnipotent
  • They believe god comforts people in form of the holy spirit and guides troubled or in need of comfort.
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Bibles teachings of beliefs about Deity

  • Christians believe that Jesus came into the world to share its hope and sadness- and to show it just what God was like.
  • Teaches them to believe that Jesus was brought back from the dead by God before ascending to heaven to be with God the Father
  • They Holy Spirit is the third part of Trinity and is Gods presence on earth.Spirit symbolises a dove, brings truth and peace and inspires and guides people to the truth.


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Christian beliefs about the soul

  • They believe each person has an immortal soul which is not visible
  • They animals don't have souls
  • St Paul taught Christians that the soul and body are in conflict with each other.
  • The soul wants to do whats right and the body is interest soley in physical pleasures.
  • They believe the soul will live on after death and be judged by God  on the Day of Judgement.
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Hell, Heaven and Purgatory

  • In middle ages, hell was seen as eternal torture for those who committed crimes and wicked deeds.
  • Today its seen as a metaphor for living an eternity without god. Also that God is forgiving so he cant allow people to suffer.
  • They beleive when the body dies, the soul goes to an enternal life in heaven.
  • Roman Catholic Christians believe in purgatory. where the souls of people that are not ready for heaven remain until they are ready.
  • Jesus is decibed as "Saviour of the world" in the New Testament. They believe that he came to earth to save people from their sins.
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God as a Judge

  • Christians believe that God will judge people about how much they have done right or wrong- this can be seen in the parable of the sheep and the goats.
  • The message of the parable is that on the Day of Judgement, god will divide the people into 2 groups- those who are fit for heaven and those who are going to Hell.
  • But Christians believe if they are really sorry for their sins, then God will forgive them if they have faith.
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Christian Funerals

  • When a person is dying, a priest sometimes will come to the bedside and pray to help prepare them for death.
  • In Roman Catholic Church, the priest will cover the person in holy oil. This is called Last Rites
  • The coffin is usually taken to a church, chapel or crematorium. Here a priest will read from the Bible.
  • The priest will say a few words to comfort those in mourning. Then prayers are said for the dead persons soul.
  • In a Roman Catholic Church, there will be a special Eucharist called a Requiem Mass where prayers are said for the soul.
  • Next the coffin is taken from church either for burial or cremation.
  • In the past Christians wouldnt be cremated as they believed it would mean that they could not be resurrected.
  • Candles are Lit to represent as Jesus as the Light of the World.
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Teachings from the Bible about end of life

  • Christians believe that everyone has a body and a soul and that if comes from the story of creation in Genesis. It says that human beings were created in the "image of God"
  • Christians should help those in need and when they do, they are helping Jesus and will be rewarded in the next life. 
  • Christians believe that God loves them but he is also a Judge who will hold people to account over their actions on earth.
  • Teaches Christians that the soul is immortal and will live on after the physical body has died.
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