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RS GCSE Philosophy
Amy Lees…read more

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Beliefs about Deity…read more

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Bible quotes
What is God Like? Jesus' Teachings
"In the beginning God "Blessed are the
created the heavens and the peacemakers." Matthew
earth." Genesis 1:1
"Love your enemies, pray for
those who persecute you."
"Every word of God is Matthew
flawless." Proverbs 30:5
"Jesus went through all the
towns... preaching good
"Then you will call upon me news... and healing every
and come and pray to me, sickness and disease."
and I will listen to you." Matthew
Jeremiah 29:12…read more

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Nature of God
Benevolent Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent Perfect
Infinite Eternal Transcendent Immanent Personal
Impersonal Judge Ineffable Creator Holy…read more

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Nature of God
· Deity means God. Christians believe in God
and believe that God has many different
· Christians are monotheists ­ they believe in
one God.
· The Bible tells
Christians about what
God is like.…read more

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Nature of God
· Benevolent ~ all loving, God loves and cares for creation, desires to help others.
· Omnipotent ~ all powerful, almighty and infinite.
· Omniscient ~ all knowing, complete unlimited awareness.
· Omnipresent ~ everywhere at the same time.
· Perfect ~ flawless, no defects or faults, no shortcomings.
· Infinite ~ immeasurably great, unlimited extent of time and ability.
· Eternal ~ always existed, always will, without a beginning or an end.
· Transcendent ~ above, out of this world, going beyond ordinary limits.
·Immanent ~ within everything.
·Personal ~ can be known, like a friend.
·Impersonal ~ can't be connected with.
·Judge ~ judges right and wrong of human
·Ineffable ~ incapable of being expressed
·Creator ~ creator of the world and all thin
·Holy ~ sacred and special.…read more

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