601 Deity&The End of Life

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601 Deity&The End of Life


  • Allah has 99 names/characteristics e.g. The Creator, The Giver of Life, The Great.
  • 'Allah Created the world therefore he is the giver of life'
  • Allah is unlike anything else and if you imagine him it is known as shirk and it's the biggest sin
  • Islam believes in one god 'No God but Allah
  • Muslims show devotion by praying and respecting others
  • Muhammad is the last prophet
  • Muhammad was born in 569CEin Mecca. He was raised by his uncle because his parents died when he was 8
  • Muhammad was very religious,illiterate and was married 
  • Muhammad is the founder of the religion, human, a teacher, role model and final messeger
  • Allah performed mircales (AYAH), they're seen as a sign from him
  • Miracles: Allah created the world and everything in it('Praise be to Allah,Cherisher and sustainer of the worlds'), Muhammad was taken by Angel Jibril to Jerusalemon a winged animal, After angel Jibril came before Muhammad he could read and write
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