Basic British Source Exam Facts GCSE

Just need to know facts on different features of the British Source Exam.


Blitzkrieg and Dunkirk

-Blitzkrieg is German for lightning war.  

-The British prime minister at the start of WW2 was Neville Chamberlain  

-By the end of 1940 Germany had conquered France, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands.  

-After France fell to Germany it was said that "britain stood alone"

 -Blitzkrieg involed dropping bombs, sending tanks in and foot soldiers before moving on.  

-The British rescue mission at Dunkirk was called 'operation dynamo'  

-The British troops sent to Frace to defend it from German attack were called the BEF  

-'Dunkirk Spirit' was a type of alcoholic drink.

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Battle Of Britian

-The British planes in the Battle Of Britain were the Spitfire and Hurricane  

-The German plane was called a Messerschmitt  

-The British could detect the German planes as they had invented radar  

-The Battle Of Britain happened in August and September 1940.  

-One reason that Britain won is that our planes could be up in the air longer.  

-The flying missions were called 'Sorties'  

-Britians victory was a great morale boost after the defeat at Dunkirk.  

-The German plan to invade britain was called operation Sealion.  

-The German Airforce was called the Luftwaffe and the British airforce the RAF.

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Government Control During WW2

-The government department that controlled production and supply was the Ministry of Supply.                                                                                              

-The government controlled the production and supply of iron, coal and steel.

-Recipies, rationing and the 'Dig for victory' campaign were the responsibility of the Ministry of Food                  

-Potato Pete was the charater to encourage families to eat potatoes

-Nurse Beetroot was the other character in the propaganda posters.  

-Food was rationed into three catagories- by weight, dried and tinned food and food prioritised for the young and sick.  

-Dried and tinned food was allocated using a points system.

-People were encouraged to keep chickens and pigs for food.   

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Government Control During WW2

-The Ministry of Information was in charge of censorship and propaganda.  

-Women didn't have equal rights in the army

-Munitions work was when women made shells and other tyoes of ammunition.

-Conscription was for married women, single older women and unmarried women aged 20-30.                             

-After the war women were expected to give up there jobs for the men

-The Wrens, ATS and WAAF were the parts of the armed forces that women could join.

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