GCSE History Elizabethan England- Exam Questions with answers

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1 Elizabethan England

Describe the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth made a well-supported progress through the City of London, on her way to Whitehall for her coronation. She
was crowned as Queen Elizabeth I of England at Westminster Abbey in 1558. The coronation was an elaborate affair,
costing at…

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2 Elizabethan England

H from the air (standing for Henry, Elizabeth or Edward). They would also have tall chimneys made of brick, sometimes
stacked in two's or more.

Describe a mansion house lived in by a rich Elizabethan.
An Elizabethan mansion may have been more like Longleat House in Wiltshire,…

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3 Elizabethan England

the needs of the poor, but an Act of 1572 introduced a compulsory poor rate and an Act of 1576 stated that work
schemes were to be created for unemployed. The government's policy towards the poor was inconsistent.

How important was the Poor Law Act of 1601?…

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4 Elizabethan England

less bad for the poor and unemployed. For the rich landowners, life was good: they lived in grand mansions and
enjoyed hired entertainment and pleasant pastimes. Even though times were generally hard for the poor in
Elizabethan times, they were still able to enjoy popular `sports' and…

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5 Elizabethan England

Explain why Elizabeth was excommunicated by the Pope in 1570.
After 12 years of indecision, when the Pope was unsure whether Elizabeth would return to England to the Catholic faith
or not, he felt that it was now time to take decisive action. The Rising of the…

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6 Elizabethan England

period of time. Drake made several voyages to the Caribbean raiding and trading with the Spanish colonists between
1570 and 1572. He returned to England with captured Spanish treasure and a high reputation as a privateer.

How important was Francis Drake's voyage around the world?
Sir. Francis…


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