B3 Topic 1 Biotechnology

Notes from CGP book 


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Biotechnology Yoghurt

Production of yoghurt

  • Equipment is sterilized
  • Milk is pasteurized and then cooled
  • Starter culture of bacteria is added, mixture is incubated in a fermenter
  • Bacteria ferment the lactose sugar to form lactic acid - causes milk to solidify
  • Flavors/colors added
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Biotechnology functional foods

Functional foods - Food that has a health benefit (e.g. prevent disease)

 Plant stanol esters 

  • Lower blood cholesterol
  • Found in spreads and dariy products
  • Stanols occur natrally in plants but in small quantities, so they are produced commercially by using bacteria to convert sterols (fat found in plants) into stanols


  • Food supply for "good bacteria" in the gut
  • Are carbohydrates (e.g. oligosaccharides)
  • Occur In leeksonionsoats and supplements
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