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Biotechnology B3 Topic 1

Functional Foods Biotechnology ­ the way we use plant and animal cells to produce
substances- Wine, Beer and Bread Lactic Acid bacteria.
Biotechnology can be used to develop new plant-based drugs.
Prebiotics ­ added sugars called oligosaccharides. They are food for good bacteria in
the gut.…

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Biotechnology B3 Topic 1

Eating Well
Need to have a balanced diet in order to get enough nutrients:
Vitamins and Minerals.
mass (kg)
Body Mass Index (BMI) Body Mass Index= (height)2
0-25 reduces risk of weight-related problems
25-30 is not likely to have much…

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Biotechnology B3 Topic 1

1. It is easier and safer for farmers to control weeds and insects which reduce
crop yields
2. Volume of herbicides and Insecticides used are reduced.
3. Reduces the risk to the environment.
4. Less competition for nutrients, space and water increases the amount of food…

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Biotechnology B3 Topic 1

Limited uses at the moment, but developments look promising.
For example, it can be used to identify unresponsive muscles to salbutamol, and allows
patients to be given a drug suited to them ­ to treat asthma Genomics can be used to
find out how effective a…

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Biotechnology B3 Topic 1

Stem cells could be used to replace damaged tissues in Parkinson's disease, diabetes,
different cancers and Alzheimer's disease.
A small cluster of cells in the brain produce a chemical neurotransmitter called
dopamine, people with Parkinson's disease don't produce enough, causing
uncoordinated movements because lack of dopamine…


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