Edexcel B3 Biotechnology and Behaviour - Full Notes

A powerpoint with the entire specification of what you should know for Edexcel B3 structured paper.

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Topic 1 -- Biotechnology…read more

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bacteria are used in the production of
yoghurt from milk by the conversion
of lactose to lactic acid…read more

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the commercial production of soy
sauce includes fermentation of a
of cooked soya beans and roasted
wheat using Aspergillus, further
fermentation using yeasts and then
Lactobacillus, filtration,
pasteurisation, sterile bottling…read more

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functional foods are not
necessarily produced by
fermentation, including
prebiotics such as oligosaccharides
found as a food ingredient on the
supermarket shelf, and `spreads'
that contain plant stanol esters
that lower cholesterol…read more

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prebiotics are functional
foods that are marketed as
providing health
benefits…read more

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microbial products are used in food, including:
- vitamin C produced by Acetobacter spp. (bacterium)
- carrageen, a gelling agent from seaweed
- enzymes such as invertase (sucrase) produced by Saccharomyces
cerevisiae (yeast) used in the manufacture of sweets
- citric acid produced by Aspergillus niger (fungus) used in fizzy drinks
- amino acids such as glutamic acid produced by Corynebacterium
glutamicum (bacterium) and the flavour enhancer, monosodium
glutamate (MSG), a sodium salt of glutamic acid…read more

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