Edexcel GCSE Biology: B3 - complete notes on biotechnology topic

Detailled revision notes slideshow for the biotechnology topic on Edexcel triple science. 35 slides.

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Biology B3
Topic 1: Biotechnology…read more

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Functional Foods
· Functional foods are foods where a
special ingredient is added to it, which
gives the food a new function.
· They are often related to health promotion
or disease prevention.…read more

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Prebiotics and Probiotics
· Prebiotics are food ingredients that are non-
digestible by humans but digestible by the
bacteria in the gut. They stimulate the growth
and activity of the bacteria in the digestive
system in ways that are beneficial to health
beyond just having a balanced diet.
· Probiotics are live microorganisms thought to be
beneficial to human health. They are often
consumed as part of fermented foods with
specially added live cultures such as yoghurts.…read more

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· Oligosaccharides are carbohydrates that
contain a few component sugars (usually
· They act as food for the intestinal
microflora (type of bacteria), which
stimulates their growth and activity, and
can therefore be beneficial to health.
· They fit into the prebiotics category.…read more

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Plant Stanol Esters
· Plant Stanol Esters are claimed to help
reduce cholesterol levels in the body.
· High cholesterol can increase risks of
heart attacks, strokes and deep vein
thrombosis (blood clots).
Plant stanols line the intestinal wall
which partially prevents chlolesterol
being absorbed into the bloodstream.
Benecol® uses plant stanol esters and
some spreads do also.…read more

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Production of Yoghurt.
1. All equipment is sterilised in sterilising fluid.
2. Heat the milk to 85-95°C for 15-30 minutes.
3. Cool the milk to 45°C (incubation temperature)
4. Add the culture of lactobacillus and incubate for
4-5 hours at 40-45°C
5. Cool the thickened yoghurt to 5°C
6. Add flavourings (if necessary)
7. Pack the yoghurt and keep refrigerated.…read more

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This resource is a concise  PowerPoint presentation on the essential information needed for the Edexcel unit on biotechnology. It would also be useful for other students studying biotechnology.  There are some  annotated diagrams to help illustrate key points. Team this up with a quiz or flashcards to test your knowledge.




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