these revision cards will explain the features of spontanious speech.

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the three faces

Frame theory-we know how to speak because we have learnt from others

Face theory-either positive/negative we present certain faces to certain people e.g granny face

Grice's Maxims-without these a conversation would not work they are: manner, qauntitiy, quality and relavance

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fillers-either non verbal e.g ummmm or verbal e.g like

False starts and repairs

Overlap this is when people interupt and speak over each other

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All the lects

Idiolect- these are words that are relavent to yourself

Sociolect-these are words that are relavent to your social group

Dialect-this is how you speak according to you geographical location within the world

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some of the t's

Taboo language-certain words cannot be said during social situations as it would be deemed socially unnappropriate

Topic loops-looping in a conversation for example talking about buiscits and chhese, then talking about something else then going back to talking about buiscits and cheese.

Topic Management-who is controling the topic shifts

Tag question-a question that invites a response for example, it's a nice day isn't it?

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i hope these help people a bit, these are not all of the features obvioulsy but i hope they are useful:)

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