AS French Exam - Writing arguments/pros and cons of all topics

Each card has points about the topic in English. Pick about 6 points on each card and for each point, write about 2-4 French phrases, so that in the exam you are prepared to talk about each point in detail with pre-made french sentences - so that you are not having to improvise on the spot. Share your phrases in the comment box too!


It sells products

It can give consumers information

It can be funny

Slogans are memorable and are used in daily conversations

Music and songs on the adverts are memorable

The songs can get on your nerves

It doesn't always tell the truth

It is sometimes intrusive

It can exploit people

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Why do young people drink too much alcohol? 

Peer pressure


To seem more grown-up

To forget problems

To be sociable

It's easy to obtain

We should:

Put the price up

Raise the age

Ban drinking in public

Campaign about the dangers

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Why is the life of celebrities interesting for young people?

They love gossip

They are influenced by the media

They are role models

They desire to be rich and famous

They are interested in their clothing/fashion

Some celebs are bad role models

Some have no talent

Obsession can be damaging to young people

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It's entertaining

It's a good night out

More exciting than sitting at home watching a movie

The effects look better on the big screen

You can be with people and watch the movie with no interruptions

Can watch the latest movies

Becoming more and more expensive

People are loud

You cannot pause it or rewind it in the cinema

We have box office on our own TVs now, so we can watch the latest movies from home

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Designer Clothing

Why are young people attracted to the idea of designer clothing?

They buy them to look cool

To be part of a group - not to be excluded/bullied

To show off (money)

They want to keep up with trends

It can cause crime (stealing)

It hides one's true personality

The cost is expensive - people are constantly buying new things to keep up with the trends and are wasting money

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Eating Healthily

It avoids obesity, diseases and health problems (heart/cancer/anorexia etc.)

Avoids mood swings

Good teeth/healthy skin

Helps give energy for activities/reduces stress

Helps you to stay fit and slim - avoid bullying

We should:

Encourage better eating in schools

Campaign the risks of eating badly

Set good examples - get celebs to help with the campaigns

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Family Disputes

Why do people argue? What are the subjects?



Housework (division of labour)


Clothes/musical tastes

We Should:

Communicate and listen well

Share things

Trust eachother

Be there incase of problems and support eachother

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The qualities:

Everyone needs a friend

Good advice

Always there for you, trusty, frank, sincere and honest, help you with your problems

Same interests, can have a laugh with them

Loyalty is important

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Good for communication - email

Can obtain information - help with homework

Can buy things

Chats and forums

Fun and games

Dangerous people on chats and forums

Identity fraud/plagiarism

Unsuitable material


Unreliable information

Used by terrorists etc.

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Living Alone


More freedom

No need to compromise or make joint decisions

Avoids risk of divorce/failure of relationship

Financial problems eased

Good for those who don't want responsibility

Selfish - shortage of housing

Danger of loneliness

May regret lack of family later in life

Falling birth rate is worrying

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Why is marriage declining?


No stigma attached to the alternatives to marriage - people are more likely to just live together with no label

It is important because it encourages social cohesion

It signals commitment

It adds romance to life

It is a good role model for children

It can be argued that it is just an excuse for a celebration

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Security reasons


Fashion accessory

Encourages communication this is a bad thing as we can become antisocial/dependent on our phones rather than having face-to-face conversation

New technology allows access to internet link in the pros and cons of the internent (card 9)

Health dangers

Increase in crime (stolen phones)

Cost of calls/internet access

Causes road accidents

Nuisance to others (eg. in cinemas) link in about people being noisy in cinema

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Important for relaxing, relieving stress

Cheers you up

Listen to music while you're doing something else

Lots of different genres for different moods

Can have things to discuss with people - type of music in common

Can go to concerts

Buying/downloading music is easy costs money illegal downloads make it difficult for musicians to make a living nowadays

Life is dull/sad without music

Music can be rude - can influence young people (eg. rap/music videos exploiting women)

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New Technology


Secure - can keep in contact with people incase of emergencies

Great for workplace/school

Offers information/entertainment

People rely on new technology for social networking (good and bad)

Over passive life style/health risks


Leads to bullying/sex grooming/fraud

People forget reality and are led into the virtual world

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Reality TV

People can become famous

It makes good viewing

Talk about the programmes with friends

Relaxing and doesn't require much thought

Finds genuinely talented people

Can be degrading

Members of the public are exploited

Not real - we ony see what the producers want us to see

Dumbing down of standards

Becomes more and more sensational to keep the ratings up

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Why is shopping popular?

Leisure/relaxing/fun to share experience with friends

People have more money than in the past

Interest in fashion/new technology

More advertisement so more knowledge about what's out there on the market

People want the latest products/want to look good

It can encourage greed/exploitation

People can go broke - spend more than they can afford

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Why do young people smoke?

To appear more grown-up/to combat stress

Peer pressure

To be sociable

Their role models smoke

They don't realise the dangers

We should:

Increase the price

Limit availability

Campaign the dangers - in and out of school/advertisements

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Sports and Healthy Living

Sports allow you to meet new people

You can achieve goals and set challenges for yourself

It fosters team spirit

It reduces stress

We should:

Encourage sport in schools

Provide more sporting facilities for the young

Avoid too much unhealthy food, alcohol and smoking

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Due to:


Money worries

Family arguments/relationship problems (eg. divorce)

Ambitions crushed

To combat stress, one should:


Take medication

Partake in leisure/sports activities


Have good organisation and share problems with friends/family

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Why do young people smoke pot?

To look grown-up

Peer pressure


Easily available

To rebel - because it's illegal

We should:


Target the dealers

Educate children in school about the risks

Maybe make it legal to stop the rebelling

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Key Phrases

Nous vivons dans un monde où...

- la musique devient de plus en plus diverse

- les gens sont exploités par la publicité

De nos jours, de plus en plus de...

- jeunes sont encouragés par leurs célébrités préférées

- jeunes deviennent accro aux drogues, par exemple, la marijuana

Aujourd'hui, le divorce est un phénomène plus grand que dans le passé

tout d'abord first of all d'une part... d'autre part on one hand... on the other hand par contre on the contrary bien que although cependant however néan moins never the less il est donc question de... it is therefore a question of il paraît donc évident que... it appears therefore clear that

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