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AS Critical Thinking Revision

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Credibility Criteria

  • R - Reputation
  • A - Ability to see
  • V - Vested Interest
  • E - Expertise
  • N - Netrality

These words are the credibilty criteria which should be applied to all questions asking you to assess the credibility of a document or a person

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Conclusion Indicators

  • Therefore
  • So
  • Consequently

If you see any of these words before something you know that this particular sentence/paragraph is a Conclusion.

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Reason Indicators

  • Because
  • Since
  • As

Seeing any of these words before a sentence paragraph indicates a reason.

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Elements of an Argument

All of the following words represent different elements in an argument

  • Reason
  • Conclusion
  • Counter-assertion
  • Counter Argument
  • Evidence
  • Example
  • Hypothetical Reasoning - can be indicated by the use of the words "If", "Provided That", Given That...Then", "If this, then, That"
  • Assumptions - (Remember these are not actually stated in the argument)

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Explaining whether Data is relevent to an Argument

Explain whether thigs like Graphs and Data tables are relevent to a specific argument or not.

E.g. Does the graph contain info that actually is directly linked to the argument.

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