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Critical Thinking ­ Unit 2 revision
Revision of key terms

Ambiguous ­ a word or phrase with different meanings or the meaning is not clearly defined
Coherent ­ A consistent argument, i.e. one with no inconsistency and only minor assumptions
Consistent ­ When all parts of an argument agree or…

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- When you assess an analogy, you:
Say what the analogy is
Find the point of comparison
Say what the similarities are
Say what the differences are
Assess the analogy by saying whether the similarities outweigh the differences or vice versa.
- An example:
`All exams should be banned because…

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- Generalisation ­ where a conclusion is drawn from one example and applied more widely, e.g. `Johnny
passed this exam last year without doing any homework so there is no need for anyone to do any
- Arguing from one thing to another unrelated conclusion ­ e.g. `with the…

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Constructing an argument

In section three you will have to answer three questions:
1. A short answer in which you come up with additional reasons for an argument
2. A longer answer in which you support of challenge a claim that is normally linked to a topic in the

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(a) joint reasons are put together as they will be written in the same paragraph
(b) independent reasons are left to stand alone in separate paragraphs
(c) the order makes sense in terms of ideas e.g. those paragraphs about the benefits to the
individual follow one another, whilst those linked…


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