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AS ­ Unit 2
Critical Thinking…read more

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Assumptions are gaps in reasoning unstated
reasons that are needed for the argument
to work.
I would take some sun cream with you,
you don't want to burn your self.
The assumption is:
It is going to be hot.…read more

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General Principle
These are rule like statements that are
intended to imply to a wide range of
Animals should always be treated humanely.
Sometimes the principles are not also stated
but act as an assumption.
There is evidence that dog fighting is carried on
surreptitiously for the entertainment of
onlookers but at great risk to the animals
involved. Every attempt should be made to
eliminate this so called sport.…read more

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Hypothetical or suppositional
This type of reasoning is often signalled by
words such as `if, then...' it involves what
happened in the past and what
consequences this has on future events. It
is anything not based on solid evidence.
If Tim had not got up early to catch the 7 o'
clock train, he would be with us on holiday
now instead of in hospital with broken bones.
It is true that Tim might not have been
involved in the train accident it is not sure
that he wouldn't be in hospital.…read more

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Intermediate conclusions (IM)
These are conclusions drawn on the way
to the main conclusion. They are
supported by reasons ,but itself acts as a
reason either for a later intermediate
conclusion or for the main conclusion.…read more

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An analogy is a comparison , often in the
form of an extended simile.
Learning critical thinking is like learning
to ride a bicycle.
Here the writer knows that most people can
ride a bike and find it a useful skill. The
writer hopes by presenting a point the
reader is familiar with, the reader will feel
more positive about trying to acquire a
less familiar skill.…read more

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