Producing an argument Critical Thinking

Advice on how to produce a good argument in Critical Thinking AS level. Hope it helps

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Tips for Producing an Argument in Critical Thinking
1) Begin with your conclusion to ensure you are clear about what you are arguing for, and to
prevent you from contradicting yourself.
2) If you are unsure about which side to argue for, think about which you one you can make
more points for and choose that one
3) Include examples from the source documents in your argument and expand upon the point.
Do not use flawed examples as one of your reasons though because this will hinder your
4) Include your own reasons too, you can back up your reasons with your own knowledge and
evidence from the sources
5) If possible, try to include an intermediate conclusion
6) Include a counter argument
7) Include principles which help show the reader your viewpoint is justified, and not just
personal to you


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