Ferdinand and Isabella

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  • S= hierarchial
  • nobs not manual labour
  • weak feudal ties nobs and king
  • power fams- .e.g Mendoza (related F, large land N C, support IS crown 1474, power wealth sheep farm, BUT exlcuded any position in gov, benefit 1505 entail pass estate s1 heir)
  • lesser nobs make figure 60+ power fams
  • Salamanca- 63% land & 60% pop nobs control
  • A relations king & nobs= less stable C, but fewer- less 20
  • nobs= wealth, land, influence= threat king
  • tax exemptions, right control sheep walks used Mesta, tolls go to nobs not king
  • vassals- work on land, draft into armies
  • Valesco fam- Constable of C, control 250+ towns/ vills 
  • masterships of Military Orders gain power, but by 1501 held by F
  • dominant in Cortes, high profile town councils
  • firm grip countryside- high rents + feudal services
  • central gov= limited success, grant entails 1505 prevent conflict and disputes
  • nobs= only area gov sympathy lower classes
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Historians Nobles

KAMEN= nobs serious threat king, only saved by rivarly between themselves

MCCLIVE: nobs 'power grown strongly during the 14th century'

MCCLIVE= 'F never succeeded on supressing the nobs, nor did he recieve any significant cooperation'

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Union of Crowns C&A

  • Oct 1469- F&I secret marriage
  • I= 'plain face' 'nose was... irregular'
  • concessions- F 'reside and be in them (C) with Her Highness... I will not leave them without her will and counsel, & I will not remove her from them w/o her consent & will' 
  • I= want C international well
  • F want A protect French
  • F= 24 concessions not steal throne I
  • I not tell bro HIV, or RC
  • Spain not united- Gran & Port outside control
  • F&I= cousins, blessing Pope 1474
  • I crowned death HIV 1474- quick, avoid challenges e.g Jo Mad
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Union of Crowns- IS Queen

  • I support= lim, no high-ranking people coronation (Sergovia)
  • Assembly (parlia) of C accept I queen
  • 5 yr struggle acceptance, ended Battle of Toro 1476- allow I summon Cortes defined ruling as monarch
  • AB Toledo= main opponent, large # troops, castles & support. Surrender 1478
  • towns N & S C resist

MCCLIVE= Is= 'determined and resourceful'

  • son born 1478- dynasty, heir throne
  • King Alfonso support Jo Mad- failed
  • support F
  • 1479 I= secure throne- Jo= nun
  • 1479 F= King A = united Spain
  • F inherit G, Valencia, Catalonia
  • Cat= unsuccesful attempts be independent
  • Port- still sep til 1580
  • C&A= large nob threat, large land, wealth, peasants controlled
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C&A Differences


  • size
  • C= bigger, pop & geog
  • 5 mill people in C, 1 mill A
  • C seve cities 50,000 A fewer cities 20,000
  • C= more unified, gov acknowledged throughout 1 repr body Cortes
  • A= 3 Cortes- Catalonia, Valencia & Granada (less power king)
  • C cortes 3 houses, A= 4. Each state A committee act when Cortes not in session
  • justicia challenge privilidges (fueros)
  • C= 1 lang & coin
  • C develop commerce, wool trade, Burgos= trade city
  • A towns compete against not work together
  • A= farm & trade, C= wool/sheep
  • C more autho, need Cortes validate decisions, A= not new laws w/o Cortes consent
  • A rarely saw king/ queen, C= more peripatetic
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Personal Authority- Historians

ELLIOT- C= 'transformed and invigorated' by wool trade, monarchs 'established strong personal rule'

HUNT- A 'aim was to restore royal authority' F main target= nobs but 'anxious bring under control'

KAMEN= 'far reaching changes.... political economic and social life'

PRESCOTT, 1837- 'most glorious epoch in the annals of Spain'

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Absolute Monarchs

  • F&I unite C&A
  • new possibs- remove Turk threat, rid Moors
  • most hists= F&I left S stronger 'absolute' rulers
  • no restraints autho, dismiss councillors and ministers, parlia never summoned, all aspects ofd gov monarchs commands

KAMEN: doubts, F&I supporters strong auth but not able exercise it- CERTINALY NO THEORY OF ABSOLUTISM

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Centralised Government

  • I use 'absolutely power'
  • use decrees, not statute law in C
  • after 1480
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