Isabella and Ferdinand Marriage

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Isabella and Ferdinand Marriage

Arguments FOR their marraige out of affection

  • Isabella made a daring and risky marriage alliance with Ferdinand
  • Monarch's heads appeared jointly on coins and they dispensed justice together
  • Motto of, "Tanto monta, monta tanto" emphasized equally balanced soverigns
  • April 1475: Isabella granted full power to Ferdinand to act without her in Castille, as though she were there
  • Isabella's chronicler Hernando del Pulgar: "though necessity separated persons, love held thier wills together. 
  • At time of marriage, they were so poor they had to borrow to cover marriage expenses.

Arguments AGAINST their marriage out of affection

  • Contrasting characters: Isabella was devout and chaste while Ferdinand was worldly and unfaithful
  • MArriages of Aragon to Castille held together fragile truces
  • Negotiations were carried out in secret particularly by the great Enriquez noble family.
  • Only met four days before wedding in October 1469
  • The 2 royal families had married and intermarried unitl papal dispensatin was needed for almost every peninsular wedding
  • John II of Aragon faced expansionist threats from Louis XI and revolution, his best hope was Castillian assistance
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Isabella and Ferdinand Marriage

Arguments FOR Isabella marrying Ferdinand to further her image as an ideal ruler

  • Castille was 4x the size of Aragon and far richer - did she need this kingdom?
  • Concord of Segovia - Ferdinand's rule over Castille was limited:Probable that Isabella was personally involved in the drafting the marriage treaty. Shown as Ferdinand would supply Aragonease soldiers and resources to fight Castillain causes
    • All appointments/acts were to be in accordance iwht the Queen's wishes
    • All public decisions to be signed by both
    • All recorded decisions were made in full agreement
  • Foreign policies and resources came together for common aims
  • The union strengthened Isabella's position in Castille

Arguments AGAINST Isabella marrying Ferdinand to further her image as an ideal ruler

  • Aragon maintained it's laws against a female succession
  • The 2 kingdoms remained remarkably dissimilar and unequal
  • The marriage horrified France, Louis XI tried hard to have the marriage annuled. Henry IV threatened to arrest Isabella
  • Many of the Castillian grandees were bitterly opposed to the marriage
  • Strong muual antipathy between Aragin and Castille made the prospect of a union unattractive to both
  • Archbishop Toledo and John II of Aragon bribed Castillian nobles to support Ferdinand
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