AQA Sociology AS: Families & Social Policy- Abolishing the family

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Abolishing the family

After the  the Russian Revolution in 1917, the government  attempted to shape family life through social policies

> The government of the newly formed soviet union tried to destroy the old pre-revolutionary patriachal family --->because it was an obstacle to the creation a socialist society

The government in the 1920's changed the laws making divorce and abortion easy, equality between the sexes and  women entered paid employment     

- In order to keep with the Marxist perspective, it was expeced that the abolition of capitalist ownership of the means of production should lead to the trational nucelar family gradually disappearing

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However, the soviet state was faced with difficulties such as the civil war and famine so they had to industrialise and change policy

> Divorce laws were tightened

>Abortion made illegal

> Parents rewarded for having children with allowances

> The media glorified parenthood

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