AQA English Literature A - Short Stories

A set of revision cue card for AQA literature short stories.

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Flight - Doris Lessing

Themes: Relationships, conflict, loss, freedom, insecurity, adults, kids, fear, love

Key Quotes:

Empty Sky - no children left, loneliness, silence                                                 Hollow wooden floor - his emotions, walk all over the floor                                  Down the garden - distance between them , long way                                         Small rainbows - insignificant, happiness, hope                                              Sunlight - start of her battle for freedom                                                          Hollows - empty                                                                                                    Gate - the gate to adulthood, keeps boyfriend out, her in

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Flight - Doris Lessing

road - road to adulthood and freedom                                                                    shut the bird into a small box - doesn't want to leave, metaphor for what he wants to do to the grandaughter                                                                                         looped over the gate - halfway, blocking path, repeats                                         courting - old-fashioned priciples                                                                               gone - lonely                                                                                                       wooden veranda creak - his morals wavering, doubting himself                         laughter, a scream - contradicts each other                                                     young pigeon - replaces one loved thing with another                                             dark/darker - neverending problems, fear of the unknown

STRUCTURE - Third person, circular theme


Grandfather - overprotective, doesn't want her to grow up                                                                                                                             Grandaughter - wants to spread her wings and grow up

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Susie Brater


quite confusing to read

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