GCSE English Literature AQA Anthology Poems - Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank - Revision Guide

A complete 35 page analysis of the poems Havisham, Elvis's Twin Sister, Anne Hathaway, Salome, Before You Were Mine, Stealing, 'Mother, any distance greater thana single span', 'My father thought it...', Homecoming, November, Kid, Hitcher, On my first Sonne, The Song of the Old Mother, The Man He Killed, Sonnet 130, My Last Duchess and The Laboratory. For the GCSE English Literature Examination, from the book 'AQA Anthology - GCSE English/English Literature - Specification A - 2005 onwards'. Good luck. Enjoy.

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Preview of GCSE English Literature AQA Anthology Poems - Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank - Revision Guide

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English Literature
Anthology Poetry
By Ciaran O'Connell

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Carol Ann Duffy
Elvis's Twin Sister
Anne Hathaway
Before You Were Mine
Simon Armitage
"Mother, any distance..."
"My father thought it...…read more

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Carol Ann Duffy
1st person
= Dramatic Monologue
= Poet takes on character from a book
"Beloved Sweetheart Bastard"
= Plosive
= Lack of punctuation
= Flowing out
= All things exist at once ­ Anger + Love
= Oxymoronic
"Spinster.…read more

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He is no longer a man
= No other women may have him
"love's / hate behind a white veil"
= Love is hate behind a white veil
= The hate belongs to love
= Hidden true feelings
"a red balloon bursting / in my face"
"Bang.…read more

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1st person persona
Dramatic monologue
"convent", "pray", "Sister Presley", "Reverend Mother", "Gregorian chant", "habit",
"wimple", "rosary", "grace"
= Religious language
= References to nun
"y'all", "digs", "Lawdy", "Long time"
= Colloquial
= Sense of Voice
"pray for the immortal soul / of rock `n' roll"
= Soul of rock `n' roll
= Soul of Elvis
"the way I move my hips", "trademark slow lopsided smile", "Graceland", "blue suede
shoes", "down Lonely Street / towards Heartbreak Hotel"
= Trademark Elvis
= Signature
= Elvis…read more

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Anne Hathaway
14 lines
= Challenges Ideas and Expectations of Sonnet
1 Person
= Personal view point
= Challenges idea of why it is `2nd best'
"a spinning world", "he'd written me"
= Magical ­ other worldly
= Shakespeare ­ creates this world
"touch, by scent, by taste"
= Sensory
"a verb dancing in the centre of a noun"
= Language of his craft describes their love life
= A euphemism
"casket of my widows head"
= "casket" = Coffin
= "casket"…read more

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1st person dramatic monologue
Focuses on her ­ not penitent
"...…read more

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Before You Were Mine
1st person
"I'm ten years away from the corner you laugh on.…read more

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= That `lifestyle' is dead
"clear as scent"
= The smell of her mother
= Evokes strong visual memories
"Whose small bites on your neck, sweetheart?"
= Role reversal
= Echoes "Ma's" response
= Glamorous
"Cha. Cha.…read more


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