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Storm on the Island

We are prepared: we build our houses squat
o We - involves reader, can empathise with fear of storm
o monosyllabic - apprehension, strength, harsh sounding
o squat - half rhyme with slate (disjointed/confusion of storm)
as you can see
o colloquial, almost relaxed mood, ironic…

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Death of a Naturalist

strong gauze of sound around the smell
o sibilance conveys buzzing of flies
o appeals to all senses, reader can imagine themselves at the scene
but best of all there was the warm thick slobber
o seems comforted by 'warmth'
o plosive alliteration perhaps suggests excitement…

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o sense of unease, more difficult to read
o building suspense and tension
no regular rhyme scheme
o confused emotions
o dramatic - attracts the reader
o ironic - how can a child be a naturalist?


The squat pen rests; snug as a gun
o squat - shouldn't…

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o difficult to read: difficult for Heaney to tell father his thoughts
o flow of words, pent up emotion is finally being expressed
o suggests how he's thinking and then remembers another detail about when his
father would dig
o between 2nd and 3rd stanza perhaps shows gap in time…

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o plosive alliteration, pain and suffering
o monosyllabic: brutality, unease, tension
o ambiguity, humans or potatoes?
o repetition later clarifies that humans are also dead
o shows closeness of potatoes and humans, reliance
'forty five
o doesn't specify date because it's so infamous to the Irish
o almost colloquial, directly…

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o link to noose 'tightening about my life' relationship ties both down and restricts
o boat tied to anchor, can move but will always come back
o flexibility of rope, mum and daughter adapt to each other
rosy / Defiant glare
o mother seems proud of defiance
o Defiance…

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o perhaps linked to the virgin birth
o miraculous, unexpected
she's serious, restless and hoofing the straw
o sibilance shows tension
o use of a list hints at sense of unease
o both techniques increase the pace and increase excitement/apprehension as we
await birth
tamed by pain .... lies down…

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o machines damage the land, weapons cause pain
o metaphor: wave is something beautiful and natural
chance gift of sweetness
o happiness, unity of neighbours
o unity enhances fertility of land, sustainable for the future, new life
curls in agony as big as itself
o metaphor, incredible suffering, consuming pain…

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Cold Knap Lake

cold hints at fear and death
monosyllabic, hard sounds
drowned child, lay for dead
o initially suggests she's dead then hints at hope
dressed in water's long green silk
o metaphor, beauty of nature/death, brings comfort and luxury
o contrasts with 'wartime cotton frock' poor, reminder of…

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o poem begins vivid and becomes vague
o suggests layers at top are clear, below is murk, time reduces clarity
o rhyming couplet: water/daughter, sense of completion
o eerie, resonates with the reader
o connects the fairytale with the real event
o suggests closeness of water and daughter, was she…


Paul Dutton


A detailed set of notes in bullet point form for some quick revision.




is there any notes on poems in the anthology  on section c?????



Section C is unseen poetry.

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