AQA A2 Sociology Unit 4 - Crime and Deviance - Social Policy

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Social Policy

Marshall - The actions of the government have a direct impact on the welfare of citizens

Social problems / Sociological problems - Worsley 

  • Social - Behaviour that causes public friction or private misery = collective action needed
  • Sociological - Any patterns of relationships that call for explanation 

Sociological influences on social policy

  • Electrol popularity - How popular would the research be
  • Cost and Funding - Cheap and maximum data
  • Globalisation - Effect it would have on the outside world
  • Ideological - values of researcher and that of the govenment

Power to define problem - Burden " what counts as a problem is a matter of political debate"


  • Functionalists = society based on value consensus 
  • Social democrate = Re-distribution of wealth 
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Social Policy Two


  • State represents capitalism 
  • Maintains labour force through NHS ready for expolitation
  • Provides a mask for capitalist expolitation through ideological legitimation
  • Prevents revolution
  • Education system = trains new work force


  • Equal opportunity in divorce 
  • Promotion of materials of positive views of women
  • Teacher training on avoid gender bias

New Right

  • Minimal involvement in society
  • Welfare to deal with social problems 
  • Charles Murray - welfare has lead to a dependancy culture 
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