AOs2 Western Classical Music from 1900

AOs2 Minimalism, Expressionism, Serialism, Experimental Music

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Who inspired expressionism and what type of composer?

When and where was he born?

What was expressionist music?

Tonal or Atonal?

5 characteristics of Expressionist music......

Example of piece?

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Arnold Schoenberg, romantic composer

Vienna, 1874

Expressionist was intensely emotional music that was believed to be able to express your inner emotions


Intensely emotional

Angular spiky melodies

Lots of dissonance

Atonal Harmonies

Contrasting Dynamics

Always changing

Schoenberg -Pierrot Lunaire

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Basic Series/ Prime Order?



Retrograde Inversion?

The 12 notes used in this were......


3 Composers of the 2nd Viennese School?

Example of Serialism?

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Original order of 12 chromatic notes arranged in a tone row

Prime Order in reverse order

Prime order inverted

Prime Order reversed and inverted

12 different chromatic pitches

Adjacent notes put into chords

Berg, Webern, Schoenberg

Berg- Wozzeck

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When and where did it develop?

5 Typical features?

Atonal or Tonal?


Phase Shifting?

3 Minimalist composers?


example of Minimalist piece?

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1960's and 1970's- America

Repetition, Tonal, Phase Shifting, Made up of short simple loops, Metamorphosis


Tiny constant changes to each loop

Adding and Taking away notes and rests so the parts move in and out of sync and then gradually back in.

Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Terry Riley

Short repeated patterns that are used to change patterns throughout the piece

Shaker Loops, John Adams

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Experimental Music


Experimental composers?

Graphic Score?

what are extended Techniques?

Experimental piece?

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Experimental Music

Music left to chance

John Cage, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Score with pictures and diagrams rather than notation with explanatory notes to specify exact pitches and lengths.

Sprechstimme, Portamento, Con Legno

Stripsody, Beberian

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