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  • Music AO2
    • Romantic Music
      • Romantic Period 1820-1900
      • Popular Song was Lieder    a solo performance set to German poetry
      • The Composers of Lieder write songs in sets which is when words are taken from poems
      • Composers include Schubert, Schumann and Brahms
      • Key Features
        • A solo voice and piano often based on emotional themes like love, sadness, loss or anger.
        • A melody and accompaniment texture
        • A Strophic Structure in which each verse is set to the same music
        • A Through composed structure in which each verse is set to different music
        • Music reflects the mood and emotions in the song
          • Streams of fast notes to depict a river
          • Steady crotchets to mimic walking
          • Unaccompanied vocals to show loneliness
          • Trills to mimic bird song
    • Pop Ballads
      • song based on emotional themes with a story telling element
      • They can be written in different styles like Rock and R&B
      • Singers include Elton John, Mariah Carey, U2 and Christina Aguilera
      • Key Features
        • Expressive vocal performance with ornamentation and melismas rubato and large range of long held notes
        • Sentimental and romantic lyrics
        • Slow tempo in 4/4
        • Slow harmonic rhythm
        • Verse Chorus form
        • Lush instrumental accompaniment with sotf timbres and chords
        • Instruments
          • Guitar
          • Strings
          • Piano
          • Saxophone
        • Drums accent beat 2 and 4
        • Reverb is added to create a warmer sound
        • Builds in intensity
    • Classical concerto
      • Solo instrument or sometimes 2 or more soloists and an orchestra.
      • Usually in 3 movements of Fast - Slow - Fast
      • 1750 - 1820
      • Composed for orchestral instruments eg. Violins, clarinet and French Horn
      • Virtuosic players would play in grand halls
      • Key Features
        • Alternations between solo sections (with full orchestra)
        • A Cadenza Unaccompanied solo usually at the end of the 1st passage.
        • Virtuosic playing rapid scales & arpeggios and extreme registers
        • large leaps and ornamentation especially in the cadenza
        • Themes being exchanged between soloist and orchestra
        • General features of music from the classical period include
          • Balanced clear cut phrases (question and answer)
          • Homophonic or melody and accompaniment textures
          • Gradual changes in dynamics


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