Anglo-French Rivalry - Chapter 4

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Anglo-French Rivalry: Part 1

  • Britain followed a deliberate policy of 'Splendid Isolation' from European affiars -preferring to focus on building and maintaining its Empire
  • did take a Greater interest in European relations when a risk was presented to the balance of power - concern of the German Empire
  • Tension between Britain and Russia was also well-established 
  • Disbutes between Britain and other Great powers over colonial possessions led to hostility in the 1890s
  • Fashoda Incident in 1898 emphasised the increasing vulnerability of British dominance overseas
  • Bismark's planed to isolate France diplomatically, after the Franco-Prussian war was successful untill the 1980s
  • French politicians were to distracted by problems with the Third Republic and the need to recover economically from the conflict
  • At the end of the 19th centuary France sought suitable allies 
  • French believed Russia and Britain would each require gurantees of support before entering into a formal agreement 
  • Germany was even considered as an aftermath of the defeat and Revanchism stirred by the German takeover of Alsace-Lorraine was begin to fade from the memories of the french public
  • A minority of politicials refused to ally with Germany as it would mean renouncing France's claim to Alsace-Lorraine
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Anglo-French Rivalry: Part 2

  • Pessimism when contemplating an anglo-French agreement 
  • for two centuries Britain and France had been imperial rivals and their colonial ambitions clashed in Canada, India and the African continent
  • Colonial rivalry with Britain over Egypt in 1882 prevented an Anglo-French understanding for years - the suez canal was vital for commerce = Britain sent troops to invade and occupy Egypt in August 1882
  • Potential for conflict was high but both sides reached peaceful agreements over disputed colonies
  • In June 1882 the Anglo-French convention confirmed the territorial boundaries of each empire in West Africa
  • Fashoda incident resulted in the formal agreement recognising Spheres of Influence in the North-East 
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