America's Rise to Globalism

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America's Rise to Globalism

Pre-Independance -  13 different british colonies --> Spread 200 Miles inland from Ports. 

Early Foreign Policy aimed at conquering inland and taking over natives. Described as Nations. at the time, not tribes. They wanted to turn natives into White Americans and farmers whilst persuing inward expansion. It took nearly a century to inwardly expand. 

Britain burnt down the white house in 1812, war between B + A. America had little opposition until the 19th century. 

Slave states were incompatible economically. Northerners/Unionists had war against Southern States with slaves. Slave states were looking to expand, hoping to turn Texas and California into Slave states. Nearly succeeded. Lead to the American Civil war of 1861-1865.

Uk Immigrants were attracted and this highly trained labour force would help to form and create the America we know today. The USA was gifted with natural resources.

America was greatly industrialised in the generation that followed the Civil War.

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America's Rise to Globalism II

Reasons for industrial success: rich aagricultural land, Raw Materials, Technology, No contstraints, Capital Flow,No dangers (No opposition as France and Germany @ war).

Statistical indication in Production:  1865-1898  wheat 256% sugar 460% Coal 800% Petrol 3 million to 55 million Impressive, though dominated by few companies.

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