Matters Of Life and Death

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    • Non-religious beliefs in life after death
      • Near Death Experience
        • Heart attacks
        • Strokes
        • Accidents
      • Evidence for a Spirit World
      • Reincarnation
    • Catholic Beliefs about Life After Death
      • Why they believe in it
        • Jesus rose from the dead
        • St. Paul teaches about a resurrection
        • Major creeds teach Jesus rose from the dead and so there will be life after death
        • Catechism of the Catholic Church teach it
        • Teaching of the Magisterium
        • It gives their life meaning and purpose
      • How it affects their lives
        • They try to live according to the Ten Commandments
        • Working for Charities
        • Refraining from sin
        • Living a good life according to the teaching of the church
    • Atheist beliefs
    • Abortion
      • Christian Attitudes
    • Euthanasia
    • Causes of World Poverty
    • CAFOD



oh my goodness this is so helpful thankyou!!!!

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