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Christian Attitudes to life after
Evangelical Roman Catholics Liberal Protestants
When people die, their body remains The souls of Christians who have not Immortality of the soul. Souls go
in the grave until the end of the sinned since their last confession will immediately to be judged by God to
world, the last day. go straight to heaven. The souls of be judged and all good Christians will
those who have sinned go to go to heaven.
purgatory to be cleansed.
Everyone will appear before God to The souls of those who refuse o Many do not believe in hell. But their
be judged. (final judgement) They will believe in God will go to hell. This is after live will be affected to how
be judged on their beliefs and how seen as a very evil act. people live their lives.
they have lived their lives.
They believe this because Jesus' body They believe this because of the They believe this because Jesus said
physically rose from the dead. St Paul resurrection of Jesus. Also, the new he would be in heaven on good
teaches that people will have a testament give Catholics the Friday, that day he was crucified and
resurrection like that of Jesus. impression that the soul lives on after went straight to heaven.
death.…read more

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Muslim Attitudes to life after death
·When people die, their bodies stay in the grave until the
last day
·The Angel Israfa'il will blow the trumpet and everything
will end
·Many believe that the dead are not aware of the passing
time so the last will come immediately
·Some believe that the soul will hover over the grave
until the last day and be aware of visitors
·Some people that the soul will be questioned by angels
and punished or rewarded in the grave…read more

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Non religious views to life after
Near-death experiences ­ when a person is clinically dead but is brought
back to life, they may witness a number of different feelings. These
include joy, feeling of floating above their bodies, seeing a bright life and
meeting dead relatives.
Reincarnation ­ When we die we are born into another body. There have
been occasions where people have been able to descried a place where
they lived in a past life in detail, without having ever visited there.
Spiritual world ­ Ghosts or Ouija boards give evidence of the spirits or
souls. Mediums are people to claim they can make contact with the
dead.…read more

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Christian attitudes to
Evangelical Liberal Protestants
Protestants and
Life belongs to God, only he has the right to end An abortion may be the most loving thing to do
a pregnancy. in the circumstances.
Life begins at conception, therefore abortion is Life does not begin at conception.
taking life.
The sanctity of life can be broken in war, so why
Ten commandments "thou shall not kill" not in abortion?…read more

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Muslim attitudes to abortion
Basic belief that abortion not allowed "after the foetus is completely formed
and has been given a soul" this is up to 120 days after conception
Only allowed if the life of the mother is at risk or the baby is at risk
Hadith ­ foetus does not receive its soul till 120 days
Some believe abortion is wrong and should never be allowed
Qur'an says murder is wrong and abortion is murder…read more


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