3.3 marriage and the family

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Purposes of a catholic wedding ceremony

The life long relationship of love and faithfulness

  • The exchange of vows- promise that the couple will be faithful to each other until death
  • The exchange of rings- symbolise the never ending nature of a catholic marriage

The procreation of children

  • The priest asks if the couple wil accept children lovingly from God.
  • The readings and homily - refer to the acceptance of children

The couple having the support and comfort of each other

  • Marraige preparation classes - helps the couple understand the nature of a christian marriage and how to provide support and comfort to each other

The bringing up of a christian family

  • Marraige preparation course - discussion about how the couple should bring up their children (baptism/first confession/communion/catholic schooling)
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Changing attitudes to cohabitation/marriage

How have attitudes changed ?

  • Most people have sex before marriage
  • Many couples cohabit (live together) rather than marry
  • The average age for marrying has increased
  • Most marriages do not take place in a church

Why have attitudes changed ?

  • effective contraception made it safer to have sex before marriage
  • Fewer people go to church - not encouraged to keep sex until marriage
  • media and celebs - cohabtitation look acceptable
  • media- shows sex outside marriage as the norm- acceptable
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Changing attitudes to divorce

How have attitudes changed ?

  • Divorce is accepted as a normal part of life
  • Great increase in number of divorces

Why have attitudes changed ?

  • New laws - divorce cheaper and easier to obtain
  • equality for women - no longer prepared to accept unequal treatment form men
  • Women are now financially dependent and can support themselves after a divorce
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Changing attitudes to homosexuality

How have attitudes changed ?

  • society treats homosexual sex the same as heterosexual sex
  • civil paternships - 2 people of same sex form legal union- same rights as a heterosexual married couple

Why have attitudes changed ?

  • changes in law - easier to be openly homosexual
  • med research - natural - accept equal status and rights for homosexual couples
  • media coverage of gay celebs - greater acceptance
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