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Family Life

Family Types

Of all the one-parent families, 34% are
women who do not wish or are unable to
marry the father. In 6% of the cases the
mother or father dies whilst there are still
young children in the family. 19% are due to
desertion & in 33%…

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Importance of Family Life

i) Sense of identity
ii)`Socialisation' i.e. it teaches children to
iii)`Bonding' ­ dealing with emotions,
iv)offers security
v)religious education, Bible readings,
grace, principles/morals

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Changing Social Patterns of the Family

i) People often move away & are less
likely to have such close ties with
older generations
ii) The use of contraception has led to
smaller families
iii) High divorce rates have led to a
larger number of one-parent families
iv) The majority of…

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Christianity teaches that one of the main
purposes of marriage is to have children
and bring them up within a loving
environment so they will come to love and
follow Jesus. Christians believe all children
have a right to family life and so they
encourage married couples who cannot

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of society under threat? Explain your
v) What are the pressures on Christian
family life today?
vi) `One parent families are a burden on
society'. Do you agree? Give
reasons for your answer showing
you have considered more than one
point of view.


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