Marriage and Family life C questions

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3.1:C: Explain how attitudes to family life have changed.

  • contraception being more widely available has meant that more people can have pre marital sex without getting pregnant
  • wider tolerance of homosexuality
  • changes to divorce laws means divorce is easier and cheaper to obtain
  • fewer people and families are following religious teachings

3.2:C: Explain why most Christians do not accept sex outside marriage

  • Adultery (fornication) is banned in the Bible as it breaks the vows made at marriage e.g. faithfullness which are made in front of God
  • during marriage the married couple become one flesh.Said in Genesis
  • sex was mainly created for children in a married couple so sex outside marriage is not acceptable
  • sex before marriage is wrong because they have not committed to their partner through marriage

3.3:C: Explain why followers of one religion other than Christianity do not accept sex outside marriage.

  • Adultery is a sin, bad result on judgement day
  • The Qur'an forbids sex outside marriage, against Allah's words
  • children should only be born out of marriage as that is where a family should start
  • sex outside marriage protects muslims from physical and emotional harm because there is no commitment in sex outside marriage.

3.4:C: Explain why some Christians do not agree with divorce

  • Marriage is a sacrament from God so it cannot be ended
  • Divorce can lead to re-marriage. Re-marriage when both husband and wife are alive is adultery
  • the Bible says 'A husband must not divorce his wife'
  • Divorce breaks the bond that God has created in the couple as marriage makes them one flesh

3.5:C: Explain why the followers of one religion other than Christianity may allow divorce

  • Marriage is a legal contract which can be ended
  • The couple should not be in a marriage that is making them unhappy
  • The Qur'an explains ways in which divorce can be given
  • If the couple…


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