Cellulose Fibres - Seed Fibres


Introduction to Seed Fibres

  • The seeds and fruits of plants are often have attatched hairs or a husk that can be fibrous. These fibres are seed fibres.
  • (http://www.naturalfibres2009.org/images/profiles/cotton.jpg)
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  • Kapok is very light, very bouyant, resiliant and water resistant.
  • The process of harvesting this fibre is labout intensive and manual.
  • It is difficult to spin but is used as filling in mattresses, pillows, upholstery and for insulation (until sythetic materials largely replaced it).
  • Now kapok is used in life jackets. It can support up to three times the weight of the preserver and does not become waterlogged.
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Kapok, Image


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Cotton, Image


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  • Cotton is a soft staple fibre that grows in a form known as a boll. It grows around the seeds of the cotton plant.
  • The fibre is often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft breathable fabrics.
  • Cotton is the most widely used natural fibre today.
  • Cotton farming has many moral and environmental implications.
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