21 mark sociology A2 essay plan

Evaluate some of the reasons why official figures have very little to say about white collar-crime

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Explain what white collar crime means

Talk about the difference between corporate crime and occupational crime

Define official figures and who constructs them

Suggest one main and big reason why official figures have little to say about white collar crime


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Main body: PEEC/L (point, evidence, explanation, criticise/link)


Point 1: White collar crime having disastrous effects in terms of monetary and life values as opposed to street crime

Argue using Marxists such as Snider. Discuss who makes the law from a Marxists point of view


Point 2: Hughes and Langan and the idea that white collar crime is seen and treated differently by the public, police and courts

Discuss their four points as to why


Point 3: white collar crimes are not included in official figures

Mainly dealt by regulatory bodies, rather than the Criminal Justice System


Point 4: Merton’s strain theory which also attempted to explain white collar crime

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