1936: Roosevelt VS Al Landon & The Union Party

The 1936 Presidential Campaign

  • Roosevelt
  • Al Landon 
  • The Union Party
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Right Wing Views on New Deal

  • Wasted Money

WPA- Boondoggles


  • Taxes Raised

Middle-class America suffered most

  • Goes Against Rugges Individualism

Social Security Act

  • Against Laissez-faire

Glass-steagle Act


  • Huge Budget Deficit

Apart from civil war & WWI, largest Budget Deficit in America

1937-38 recession of policies as avoid policies

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Left Wing Views on ND

  • Failed Re-distribution Wealth
  • New Deal not good enough

8 million still unemployed

Lynching increased

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Other New Deal Opinions

  • Imperial Presidency

President too powerful

  • Racist

TVA had 'white only towns'

AAA & share croppers

  • Sexist


  • Washington too powerful

Federal Gov. too powerful


Social Security Act

Against Voluntaryism 

  • Communist


  • Slave Labour

Only 1/3 of wages

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Opposition on the Left

Roosevelt moved to the left as opposition to the left was more of a threat

  • Radio Priest (Father (Fr) Coughlin 

'The Golden hour of the little flower'

35 million listeners every week

Origionally supported New Deal 'Christ's Deal'

Felt FDR under influence of banks

Wanted Banks Nationalised

Blamed Jews =

1935- discredited None listened to his policies

  • Dr Francis Townsend

'Old Age Pension Revolving Plan'

Over 60's stopped working

$200 pension monthly BUT must use ALL of it to jelp economy  

(no way to regulate they use all the $)

Would cost 1/2 US's GNP

Collected 20 million signatures, but Congress neever passed

  • King Fish (Huey Long)

'Share our wealth'

Senator of Luisiana (very poor state but reverted it)

Hugely popular--- 8 million members Nation Wide

No-one earn over $1.8 million per year

Only allowed $3 million in bank the rest confiscated

$5 thousand given to every American Adult if needed

Surplus used for cheap food & free eduation more $ to pension

1935--- serious competition, but assasinated by a rivals son

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Opposition on the Right

Less serious than opposition on the left

  • The Rich

Dislike the New Deal

  • (Some state disliked Missippi made policies difficult)
  • American Liberty League

Not all business men hated Roosevelt

  • Taxes raised (higher income tax)
  • As Roosevelt was rich saw him as a traitor (from wealthy NY state)
  • 1 threatened to kill him & was put in jail
  • Refered to as the "Cripple of the White House"
  • Set up in 1934 by rich people
  • Dupont heavily involved
  • Protect business men
  • Believed FDR making US Soviet
  • Welfare disliked
  • Thought NRA beurocratic 
  • Some were Democrats
  • John Davis Democrat Candidate 1924
  • Al Smith Democrat Candidate 1928
  • More popular once FDR becomes more left
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt [FDR]

  • President since 1932
  • New Deal
  • Since 1933 unemployment reduced 4 million
  • Schemes introduced
  • Farm Price up [AAA]

The one issue, it's myself, people must be either for or against me"

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Al Landon

  • From Kansas
  • Fiscal Conservative (Froogle)
  • "A Kansas Coolidge" = dull & quiet
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The Union Party

  • Huey Long, Fr Coughlin & Dr Townsend
  • Willian 'Liberty Bill' Lemke

Glass eye

Wore outrageous clothes

Shrill high pitch voice

"He has all the charisma of a deserted telephone booth"


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1936 Landslide

Republicans--- criticised New Deal Too much power (liberty League & Newspapers support) FDR---   portayed himself as people person "Forgotten man" traveled thousands met him, saying: "You gave me a job"

  • 8 million votes
  • 4/5 seats in house of representatives Republican
  • Presidential election won by Roosevelt
  • Democratic Coalition on continues
  • 3/4 Senate up for grabs won by Republicans

By moving to left anidated extreme laft

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