The 1936 Election

The Democrat- Roosevelt

Backed by majority of Democrats

Confident due to reducing unemployment by 4 million

Farm prices restored

Roosevelt was confident, believed the election was down to his popularity

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The Republican- Al Landon

From Kansas

He was a fiscal conservative- spending less

Major issue was that he was boring and dull

Many did not stand as they knew they had no chance of winning

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The Third Party- The Union Party

The thrid party was the Party of the Left

The candidate was William 'Liberty Bill' Lemke

The party consisted of the remnants of the thunder of the left

Lemke had a glass eye, used to wear outragious clothes and had a high pitched voice, as a result many people did not like him

'All the chrisma of a deserted telephone booth' 

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The Campaign- Republican

The Literacy Digest, had correctly predicted the outcome of the 1916, 1920, 1924, 1928 and 1932 elections, through polls. For the 1936 election it had predicted that Republican Landon would win with 57% of the popular vote and 370 elctoral votes.

Republicans camapigned about the wastefullnes of the New Deal. This was supported by the majoroty of newspapers at the time and the ALL

However Landon made himself look like an idiot coming out with comments such as 'Wherever I go in America I have found Americans' -1936

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The Campaign- Democrat

Roosevelt continued the campaign of helping the forgotten man

a 'man of the people'

Roosevlet travelled the country, in which thousands came to see him.

People were often hear shouting, 'he gave me a job' 

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The Result

It was a complete landslide victory, in which Roosvelt and the Democrats won

This meant that the New Democrat coalition had been maintained

The third party recieved no votes due to Roosvelt having previously moved to the left and taken away voters

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The landslide victory gave Roosevelt the confidence that everyone was supportive of him

This made him confident that he could take on the Supreme Court. 

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